If you are considering purchasing a boat in the USA for export, Fillingham Yacht Sales, Inc. can handle your transaction. Buying and exporting a boat can be complicated. We can also in many circumstances arrange for CE Certification depending upon the year and manufacture of the boat.

We understand all the necessary steps in exporting boats around the world. We have shipped boats to Canada, Mexico, UK, Turkey, Poland, Netherlands, Malta, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, throughout the Caribbean, and more.

Our sales staff is bonded and licensed by the State of Florida; and we are members of the International Yacht Brokers Association.  We are located in a full-service boatyard in the Salt Creek Marine District of St. Petersburg, Florida, where costs such as upgrades, repairs, overhauls, fiberglass, bottom painting are substantially lower than other parts of the USA.  The quality and dependability of work is exceptional and highly regarded.